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Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to use Real World PDR

    • How to Use Real World PDR

    • PDR 101

    • Beginner - Light Crease Glue Pull

    • Beginner - Glue Pull with Slide Hammer

    • ROOF Hail Dent/Tool Giveaway Deep hail Dents

    • Final thought with Jim and a Huge Thank you!

  • 2


    • Beginner Leverage

    • Beginner Glue Pulling - 2 Different Techniques.

    • Beginner - Fender Dent

    • Beginner - Aluminum for Beginners

    • Beginner - Knockdowns

    • Beginner Body line Damage and bonus lessons!

    • All about Knockdowns Expanded

    • BEGINNER door dings quick lesson

    • Higher level beginner Body line damage, "one event" is the lesson here.

    • Leverage and tips Tips

    • Cold glue and you... strong language... all levels

    • Failure and how you deal with it. Fix your attitude, change your mind and change your life. Strong language.

    • Looking at crown flow. Intro to crown flow. ESSENTIAL for body lines and progressing to larger damage

    • Deeper bedside dent, look at cleanup of that last 10% and getting the "pit" out of deeper repairs. New format 7/29

    • Beginner Blending with Practice examples. PLEEEASE learn this skill. Underutilized extremely useful.

    • Dont be a menace to your own Psyche while working on aluminum hoods. (or doors.)

    • Door DING Mega Lesson. Upper level beginner/intermediate door dings. Look at some new tools -announce others- discount Codes.

    • R&I redcaps with Fred sheran

    • Fender Body line Ding with Kasper - what would you do?

    • 1 on 1 training. Tony with one week.

    • Whale tails and tight access. New format mini lesson.

    • Door dings, body lines and finishing. Great tips and tricks here.

    • Stanliner (another) discussion. Are they right for you?

    • Body lines, It all starts here.

    • Glue Pulling crease Dents.

    • Body line door Ding. Cleaner repairs and finishing.

    • Hood access and tools - tools I use to access hood dents - different for hail and retail techs

    • Aluminum and Concave area Dingers. Mind the texture 'eh?

    • Maserati body line door Dent. Short/Filled to the max with info

    • Quick Laminated glass Tutorial. Don't break it.

    • Dent map explanation Per USER REQUEST

    • NEWBIE CREASE a lot of what NOT to do.

    • Use your Dent Map to Start Clean, Stay Clean, and Finish Clean. Tips to use your mini lifter, Revolution PDR tools tips, and Speeding up cleanup work

    • Blendo was the Name-O - Beginner blending.

    • Beginner Wholesale job... Also Featuring some neat Tricks and Tips, Pricing and wholesale expectations.... 20 minutes of nonstop good times.

    • Edge of panel Dents.. 2 different Edge of panel dents are looked at here.

    • Glue Pull Slide hammer (wholesale fluff job) Work Quicker by having a Dent Map.

    • Bedside Bash.... Mistakes were made... Strong language is used... Manage your emotions and stay patient. Or do what I did here.....

    • DINGER/Tequila Tools/Useful Blending outside of Hail Tons of info in 15 minutes

    • Sharp vs Blade tips Door Lords, From anson.

    • Guerilla grip install..... easy peasy.

    • Door Bracing quick lesson - by request

    • Real Time - Edge of panel Dent - Edgy Hooker. Take it slow.

    • Mercedes Quarter panel Damge - interchangeable tips- Dec set - estimating advice 1/22/21

    • Sharpish Door Ding- PICKY customer - Blehm Door Tool 1/22/21

    • All Glue pull BMW Quarter panel dent... using relatively inexpensive accessible tools. UPPER LEVEL BEGINNER... You CAN do this.

    • Body Line / Order of Operations. 4/27/21

    • Glue Pulling on PPF - Aluminum - Great Trick, Use at your own risk. 10/31/21

    • Glue Pulling Quasi-Deep Dent - Hudson

  • 3

    Decoding Panels - Access series.

    • Decoding Fenders and Hoods

    • Decoding Door Access

    • Tansey Quick Tip

  • 4

    Intermediate Training

    • MEGA HUGE small dent Lesson.... must watch for all levels

    • Intermediate - Ri

    • Intermediate - Nasty Wholesale Body Line

    • Intermediate - Edge of Panel Dent

    • Intermediate - Edge Of Panel Techniques

    • Intermediate - Advanced Door

    • Intermediate - Jeep Cowl

    • Blending Skills. The Real Deal.

    • Hail Tips and Tricks

    • Body Line Dents difficult access

    • Quarter Panel Whack Dent/Map Study

    • Hatch Dent }{ Pressures }{ obstacles }{ Create your DENT map

    • Beginner/Intermediate Larger dent-Finishing

    • Aluminum Crease Dents Discussed

    • Hail Rail how to/ blending and pulling

    • DEEP hail dent/Tool Giveaway Sharp tips for shrinking

    • Pinchy Body lines. The SECRET

    • Repairing someone else's bullsh+t work..... the lesson that shouldn't have happened. Skip to 5 minutes to avoid rant. *strong language

    • Crown flow, pinchy little body lines add on!

    • Twisted new Subaru Body line Damage

    • Drill, Stanliner, Blend. quarter panel body line dent. New format... SOOO MUCH INFO- MUST WATCH

    • Glue Pull/ Tension Pull BODY LINES. Aluminum and Steel. Amazingly useful tip included GIVE AWAY AT THE END GOOD THROUGH 9-29-19

    • Real time. hail hood repair by request. If you want to see this you'll appreciate it, if not gonna be long and boring. talk some finer points of hail business.

    • Kasper Clean repair.-- How to stay clean, short look at the Hotbox, quarter panel damage. Kasper shows off what he's learned and its a lot! Great Job Kasper.

    • EDGE Of Panel. I make a mistake and show you how to fix it.

    • Glue pulling Creases. Keco Crease Killer system, deal with the learning curve and be rewarded.

    • Deep Crease Door Ding. oil can Kasper Tutorial

    • Amateur PDR Gone Wrong. Finishing, one event, pretensioning, and more in this 1/2 hr lesson. Wish I never had to do this one!

    • Avoiding Flipping the Flake. Nasty little body line. Don't make my mistake.

    • Extremely Sharp Deep Dent. Throw away what you know.... this is its own animal.

    • How to Perform the Dolly Technique (as Seen on the YouTube Video)

    • Don't Sweat the Technique.... Because I am.... Stanliner and some throwback techniques.

    • quick Visual of "mottling" or "flipping the Flake"

    • EDGE of panel Gold.... a few DANG FINE tips.

    • Three Way Oversized Rail Dents - Glue pulling BIG SHOTS

    • REAL TIME IN PERSON LESSON.... Making an Intimidating gate dent Fix itself...kinda

    • CHEATING the system. Overpushing, and going backwards to progress

    • Advanced Dent Mapping. Member Photo Breakdown 2/4/21

    • Silverado Fender Crush and the Mistakes I Made 3/16/21

    • Honda 1/4 Brought to you by a great Dentmap, with a focus on finishing 3/21/21

    • "Old School Repair" Comparison of old techniques vs New - Lots of Finishing work.

    • Beginning Large Glue Pulls - the smart way- Start Slow, Finish Fast *COMPLETELY DIFFERENT - MUST WATCH*

    • Glue Pull Only Yukon Quarter Panel (Real Time) - Hudson 10/25/21

    • Edge Dolly Video from YouTube

  • 5

    Advanced Training

    • Advanced - Black Fender

    • Advanced - Jeep Crease

    • Gate Smash part 1 - advanced glue pulling - stanliner techniques

    • Gate smash Pt 2. stanliner techniques - tuning - fine tuning - hammer work

    • Stabalizing Oil Canning dents without "magiciary" no need for expensive boxes, or to give up on a dent. This is how it's done.

    • TRUCK BEDSIDE undoing previous PDR/Blending/CONCAVE panel light placement NEW LONGER FORMAT this one is packed!!!!

    • Huge Quarter panel smash. Great technique I have developed is the main topic here. NEW FORMAT

    • Bad Previous PDR Repair, sales, wholesale accounts.

    • Aluminum tail gate dent. Small, deep, awful. Kasper episode.

    • Impress your Dent Friends and save Quarter panels. 600 Dollars in 4 minutes. Seriously good technique.

    • (Almost) Entirely Glue pull Bodyline Nastiness

    • Red Truck Smash - One EXCELLENT tip - Jim and Kasper tag team

    • Epic Fender Repair - Get some popcorn... It's long.

    • POWER PDR Kasper Bail-Out

    • Part 1/2 Big Lexus smash. Intrusion Beam

    • Part 2/2 Lexus Smash How far can Replacement/Displacement take you?

    • Smashy KASPER KICK.... CAM AUTO - Learn with me!

    • Cam Auto Kablamo!! Another Solid Cam Auto Break From the norm

    • REAL TIME SMASH pt. 1 - Almost an hour of real time smash repair.

    • Cam Auto Tension Pull

    • Quarter panel:Body bags Relieving pressure, to repair Cleanly and Quickly. 1/29/21

  • 6

    Super Advanced

    • Quarter Kick - Must Watch

    • Super Tough 3 stretched aluminum Hail Bombs

    • Huge Door Dent. This one has been a long time coming. Requested by a member.....

    • Extremely complicated, Repainted door, body line nonsense

    • Big Subaru Door body line nonsense. Almost there.

  • 7

    Tansey's Tools and Tech Tips

    • Tansey Clear coat

    • Jeep Dent Tech tip

    • Tool Handle tip

    • Glue Pulling on Damaged Paint

    • Quick Tip For Hood Stand Setup

  • 8


    • Kia Optima Headliner.

    • Kia Optima Headliner.

    • Taking SH*t apart with Sheran.... 2016 Kia Sorento

  • 9

    Retail Shop Advice

    • days work - HD 720p

    • Helper. First step in building bigger retail.

    • Retail Content Creation and staying away from Bullshit.

    • Pay Yourself for success.

    • The Assumption close

  • 10

    Stanliner Quick Guides.

    • Fish tail. New chapter to make finding these easier.

    • Little known Stanliner Technique

  • 11

    Audio only Thoughts/Mindset

    • Impress Me. Are you built for it?

    • climbing your mountain. Goals.

    • Chronicals of Jim. Part 1

    • trim.CF08CF22-718A-4BC5-B76B-02280C1D21A8



  • 12


    • Absolute beginner tools (shared with youtube, exclusive content coming this week)

  • 13

    Discount Codes

    • First Discount Codes

  • 14

    From The 1st Workshop

    • Dent Map Study From PDR 101 Workshop.

    • Stanliner presentation from the Workshop

    • Lift Rite Presentation

    • Woody Koss Dead on Dent Presentation

    • Crystal Ellison Motivation from the Workshop

    • Jon Videen From Dent Reaper

  • 15

    The magic email.

    • Magic Email

  • 16

    Tool Lists for trainees. Look over this and see what I recommend most

    • Mikes Tool list

    • Sean"s tool list